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Make footsteps, don't follow them! 


The Raising Corne Program Seminars® is an educational program designed to provide learning enrichment coaching and character development to young Adults through twelve life-skill seminars:

  • Gangs- this session focuses on gang recruitment and initiation methods, the youth's attraction to gangs, the consequences of gangland activities, and information to help the youth counter gang interests.
  • Values/Responsibilities - learn the importance of values and the meaning of responsibility as it relates to day-to-day activities.
  • African-American History - learn how descendants of slaves have risen to become one of the most influential groups in America and how that influence has helped shape the world.
  • Managing Frustrations - learn practical methods of how to control your own frustrations through the L.A.P. (Listen, Accept, Practice) method and participate in useful activities to help manage.
  • Health Education/Drugs - become more informed of how poor choices such as drugs, alcoholism, and overeating can play a role in affecting mental and physical development.
  • Relationships & Family - discussions of why establishing meaningful relationships can be vital for social development, as well as, how the 'wrong' relationship could become a matter of life or death.
  • Public Speaking - gain useful tips to help minimize your fear of public speaking and beat stage fright!
  • Television/Media - at the end of this session, the participant will be able to identify the impact mediums such as television, radio, print media, etc., have on the youth.
  • Diversity - explore the evolution of why this phenomenon has become so important for personal growth and development as well as for business.
  • Impact of Sports on the Youth - engage in lively discussions and debates from exploitation, dreams deferred, and instant gratification, to the odds of making it to the professional ranks.
  • Basic Money Management - discover useful tips on managing money, spending it wisely, and how to avoid unnecessary debt.
  • Careers/Goal-Setting - learn five qualities of successful goal-setting and learn how to put together a plan by participating in goal-setting activities.

      The underlining goal of The Raising Corne Program Seminars® is to increase critical thinking, for sound decision-making, based on good choices, in an effort to prepare our youths for future leadership.